This is a fantastic question. The truth is that most patients with isolated mitral valve disease are candidates for robotic mitral valve repair (but not all). There are some relative contraindications. These include: 1) Too high risk for standard surgery, 2) severe peripheral vascular disease or PVD, 3) Aneurysm of the ascending aorta (the large vessel as it leaves the heart), 4) prior surgery of the right side of the chest. Prior heart surgery is NOT a contraindication and in fact many such patients can be especially benefited from avoiding redo sternotomy. All of these relative contraindications are just that-it depends on the patient. If you come to see me we will do a thorough evaluation of your candidacy for the procedure.

My decision-making is based on the same priorities that yours likely are or should be: 1) survive the procedure with least chance of major complications!, 2) fix your problem, and lastly 3) have it done in the least invasive way possible without compromising goals #1/2

Category: Questions About Preoperative Issues
T. Sloane Guy, MD

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