This is difficult to predict. I can say that in patients who have an uncomplicated course, a return to work within 2 weeks is entirely possible depending on your job. Some have returned to work even early. However, some patients need up to 6 weeks to recover. It all depends on the patient, their age, whether they had complications, or other factors.

My general recommendation is to tell your employer that you could be out as long as 6 weeks but may be able to work as early as 2 weeks depending on how things turn out. One thing is for sure: endoscopic robotic heart surgery allows for an earlier return to work in most of my patients than would be possible with traditional large incision surgery. If your focus is to get back to work early, an operation such as robotic mitral valve repair is your best chance to do this.

Category: Questions About Recovery After Surgery
T. Sloane Guy, MD

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